New Services: Grant Writing


We are adding grant writing to our services. We have some experience but we are new to this field. However, our inexperience is your gain because our price is going to be kept low until we get the experience. Plus, we only get paid if you receive the grant. It’s a win win situation for you.

We looking forward to working with you to help your organization succeed in its goals.


Laughter: Serious Business

I was browsing the internet and came across this slide presentation. I agree that a good laugh does increase productivity and can work out the abs.


Slashed Prices

We had a meeting yesterday and decided to slash some of our prices in half permanently. We decided that we need to focus on retaining clients and getting those clients to come back. Therefore, we lowered our prices to tantalize a few of you into trying our services.


The Winning Formula For Talent Management by Andreas von der Heydt

The Winning Formula for Talent Management

Notice one of the key terms are Training & Development that requires documentation of some form or another.