7 Poisonous Beliefs That Make You Desperately Unhappy by Jeff Haden

7 Poisonous Beliefs That Make You Desperately Unhappy

Currently, I own two business that are not making money. One business had one client and the other has had one purchase in the last year. Extremely depressing and defeating. However, I have not given up.

I have kept plugging away at finding clients for both companies. I shake hands, I smile, and I hand out various different marketing materials every chance I get.

I hope this article helps you shake off the dust and try again.


Networking is currently a hot topic for most professionals today. However, there are a few of you, myself included, who may not fully understand how networking actually functions.

For instance, we have had a Facebook page since August. I noticed last week that we weren’t getting any traffic to the page. I decided to investigate. I quickly discovered that in order to get traffic to the Facebook page we needed to invite friends and family to like our page. I quickly invited people that I thought might interested in our services or people who might know someone who would be interested in our services. I then explained this to my partner, Neil, so he could invite people that he knew. One of the people heĀ  invited was me. Yes, I got so caught up in promoting the page to others that I forgot to ‘Like’ it myself.

The point is when you are networking the smallest detail can trip you up. You have to be willing to put yourself forward and say ‘Hi, my name is Melinda Anderson and I am co-owner of DragonTech Writing.” Then follow up with what services or products you have to offer and a business card. Chances are that the individual you are talking to might not need your services or products but they might know someone who does.