Month: September 2014

InDesign Secrets Video: Making a TOC With the Index Feature

Fridays will be our tips or tricks day where we search the internet for useful or helpful articles. Today’s article is actually a video to help setup a Table of Contents in InDesign using the index Feature. It come from the geniuses at InDesign Secrets who always seem to make learning InDesign fun and easy. We hope those of who you use InDesign or who are learning InDesign find this article as helpful as we do.

InDesign Secrets Video: Making a TOC With the Index Feature

Full Page Marketing Flier

DragonTech Writing
Taking the mystery out of documentation

DragonTech Writing is a technical writing firm specializing in documenting software and processes, creating resumes and training materials, and formatting and editing for e-publishing.

Why Hire Us?

1. Software documentation can discover problems within the software before being released and gives customers a learning experience that minimizes frustration.

2. Process documentation can discover problems and in many cases find a solution.  Solutions allow an organization to grow their employee and customer satisfaction.

3. Resumes market your skills and abilities with concise text making your resume clean and precise.

4.Training materials can prevent employee confusion about performance and encourages employee communication with management.

5. Formatting and editing for e-publishing gives readers a polished product that they would recommend to others.

6. We deliver the product you need then we move to our next customer while you manage your business.